1916 - 2012

This oehfamily web site is dedicated to Florence Evelyn Huntington. Florence was the biggest supporter of the family web site idea and content. It is amazing that in her later years that she got her P/C and high speed Internet and learned email. She has also read most of the web site.

As the family interest turned to zero, Florence said “Don’t worry just keep the site going. They will come back.” She sent me a pack of photos for scanning. I returned the originals and used her images are in various articles.

Thanks Florence for your support and encouragement.

Send me anything you want posted

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Florence Huntinton Last Living 2nd Generation oehfamily Dies at Age 96

Florence Evelyn huntington

1916 - 2012


Florence Evelyn Huntington, 96, of Rapid City, died at Rapid City Regional Hospital on Thurs., June 7, 2012.

Florence was born April 9, 1916 in Rapid City, SD to Bruce and Emma (Barkl) Buzbee. She grew up in the Rapid City area and following high school graduation, she worked at the Oldsmobile Dealership, where she met her future husband, Jack O. Huntington. On Nov. 25, 1934 she married Jack at Belle Fourche and they lived most of their lives in the Caputa/Farmingdale area. The Oldsmobile Dealership sent her to Rapid City Business College. She then worked as a manager for Newberry’s Department Store, and then worked as bookkeeper for Schneider Music in Rapid City for 18 years, retiring in 1979.

Florence loved to read and travel, garden and knit.

She is survived by five sons, Jim (Jutta) Huntington of Newport News, VA, Ronald (Beverly) Huntington of Battle Mountain, NV, Gerald (Joan) Huntington of Raleigh, NC, William (Gloria) Huntington of Deadwood, Mark (Cathy Holstein) Huntington of Cheyenne, WY; her sister, Opal Splittesoesser of New Underwood; her brother, Budd Buzbee of Chico, CA; 14 grandchildren, 20 great grandchildren and two great great grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her parents, husband in 1974, and their daughter, Glee Aisenbrey.

The family would like to recognize and sincerely thank Connie Huntington, Linda Henrickson, Cheryl Clark, Devie Cline, and Orleen Peterson. These individuals were instrumental in helping Florence to live in her own home and maintain an independent life to the very end.

Graveside services are set for 11:00am Mon., June 11, 2012 at Mountain View Cemetery in Rapid City, with the Rev. Doug Diehl officiating. A reception and luncheon will follow at First United Methodist Church in Rapid City at 12:00 Noon. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Corale's Observation about Web Site, Non-Edited

Dick.....I love the web it really that hard to keep up..............for my age I lead a very busy life and I am sure the younger folks are even busier.....I would like to add the things I have found out and search for, doing  for  a number of years now......our heritage and the folks we came from that made us a lot of the way we said no one was I did not go on further with it...........may be you are right     but with the hits you have had   you are probably ahead of a lot of other web sites.calm down...........your life so full you can't maintain your heritage.   Since April of 2010 2 of the Sam Goesch boys are married or engaged   Eric married Cassie in April and Kurt just got engaged to Winnie Yung....Eric is 23 and Kurt is 26.  son Alan is off on his Morman mission to Colorade, age 20, missing home but growing up at the same time, last son Bret is almost 6'7'', age 16, junior in hgh school.   now there is one big boy.  Sophia Stehr, age 23 married Michael Hsu in Aug of 2009, right after they graduated from Rensselaer in Troy NY.  She goes to MIT in Mass. getting 2 masters and a PHD in Civil engineering.  At the moment she is in Cambodia.  Her major focus is gal! Michael's heritage is SRI LANKAN.   Still have 3 more children to report on  if you are interested.....let me know....I hope you come to your senses and do not take the no contact look from the rest of the family so personal.....they are busy and if you remember we are a strange many people  do you personally know who are just off the road a bit???not in the ditch ,...and besides who knows what normal is if there is a for me I am facing Knee replacement the end of Jan.  Last Feb 1st I had kidney surgery for possible kidney cancer,  I proved to be clean from that.   then when I got ready for the knee surgery they did ultra sound on the veins in my leg and found I had 3 blockages, 2 in the right leg, one 50%, one 75%, so had the roto rutter for that...have a 50% in the left leg as well, need to replace the hip that crushed the ball 20 years ago, so do I need another roto rutter in the left leg?   As for my colon 1/2 removed about nie years ago, because of growths that had not turned to cancer,,,,, no bag needed just be careful what you eat is my motto, and being lactate intolerant, keeps me off ice cream and butter, which helps the high cholesterol the doc tells me is genetic.  Of course the diabetes is about 10 years old now so watch that with care as well..............want to put this on the web feel free, they will all hear about Corale that way.    Life is pretty good, live in a lovely old home, built 1935 , on the Willamette river,  on almost a acre of land.   GG just turned 75. I will be 76 in Feb,  GG says he will not retiring for at least another 5 years, be 80 at that point.  His health is good has all his part and pieces. 4 employees and 5 vehicles.  Want to know more stop by some time..........cousin Corale......Grandme may have said SHIT, but so do I...........

Friday, January 7, 2011

My Observation of Aunt Vila Who Was 107

My Aunt Vila lived to observe her 107th birthday.  

She was fun-loving, fearless and strong.  She birthed all her children at home. The only time she was in a hospital was in 2007 when she broke a hip.  She had to endure a lot of hardships through out her life, but yet was happy to live a long life.   

She had no regrets and observed  "I just lived my life and everything just fell in just right."

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oehfamily Web Site Summary - Revised

The oehfamily web site will soon celebrate three years of publication. It was nearly deleted once and then recovered. Recent viewing is spotty and greatly lacking in the five family branches. A new picture feature by JoelG seems sadly ignored.

However, where the overall historical genealogy relevance of the oehfamily web site remains high, the real world interest is low. 

Most personal genealogy efforts languish privately as a conglomeration of processed and unprocessed information. Genealogist's ability vary from masters to novice. Newer genealogy computer programs help guide the process but the product is locked in a de facto specification for exchanging genealogical data between different genealogy software. Attempts to add visual understanding only result in other embedded de facto standards encoded within the genealogy specification, which is a demanding task.

Amazing 3D graphic genealogy viewers are hopelessly locked away as intellectual property/capability in companies like Xerox and IBM. These multimedia viewing systems have existed for over 25 years but not widely productized. Microsoft, Apple, Google and may others realize information needs to be visualized to increase understanding and ubiquitous use.

I hope the oehfamily web site survives so that someone can move it forward into the next social networking capability in the future.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Eric Goesch and Cassy Lewis to Wed in April

Select on image for larger view

Eric Goesch, second son of Sam & Victoria Goesch of Keizer, Oregon and Fiancée Cassy Lewis of Silverton, Oregon plan a wedding date of April 24, 2010. Cassy is a very attractive addition to the extended OEH Family.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Joel's Corner ~~ New oehfamily web site feature

Joel Goesch, the second son of George & Corale Goesch, is an accomplished photographer and is willing to share a oehfamily web album called "Joel's Corner". He plans to add pictures to the album link. The family can then view images as slide show or stills when they visit this site. At first he will build up the base album then add current photos that are of interest, so check frequently.

Both Joel and I hope you enjoy (click on)>>> "Joel's Corner". Any family member is welcome to have this kind of photo sharing or any other items they choose. Just send me anything you want on the site. As you can guess setting up a photo album needs some coordination. Following are a few of Joel's samples:

All these images are from Joel G Collection
Copyright Protected

Famous Landmark Sign, Rapid City

Grandson Jeremiah G. & Grandfather George G.

Cornelius Geosch

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Prince and Molly from Ron Huntington 9-20-2009

The team that worked on the J.O. Huntington farm were Prince and Molly. Molly's favorite trick was to put her E-flat foot (which was considerably larger in circumference than a dinner plate) on top of the sneaker clad foot of the 6-year old (said 6 year old helping Dad harness the team) and look around quizzically trying to figure out what all the fuss was about when the six year old was screaming and kicking her with the unencumbered foot. She never transferred enough weight to that foot to break anything,just enough to temporarily restrain the 6 year old!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lunch with Aunt Florence 9-14-2009

Aunt Florence does not like to have her picture taken so you only get a few chances. She is smiling for the camera ;| This SD picture with Dick, Sherill, and Florence was taken after lunch and we were in the Dakota Pride candy and shipping center. We were sampling Railroad Bill's Cashew Crunch candy. Select ==> Candy Link.

She has not lost her ability to say a lot in a few clear words. Recently she renewed her drivers license. She took the test without glasses and passed. They said they noticed she had glasses and why does she use them. Answer: "To know where they are!" So much for the glasses . . .

She is well and is current on all the world events. She has not bashed Obama yet but is still giving him a chance. She now has a PC with high speed internet but is still learning. She and the mouse do not get along well. She is still connected to WebTV also. She still has her same email Sioux Indian word ID and Use both emails until she has learned the PC.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Comments from Corale 8-4-2009

the photo of the shower in my yard and the ladies with question marks, first ? is Cary Thompson, a very close friend of Tammy and Sophia, 2nd ? is Cathy Stehr, sister in law of Sophia, married to Sophias' 1/2 brother Carsten, the next ? is Molly Stehr, married to Sophias' 1/2 brother Bjorn, next is Abby Grieser, daughter of Rosemary, the next photo with a ? is an anniv. photo, the lady is Cathy Stehr, married to Carsten. The next photo with a ? is at a restaurant and the lady with the question mark is Donna Fink, Victorias' sister. The photo with George, Tammy , Corale and Chris is a photo taken in my back yeard , not a anniv photo. on the photo oEarl and Ed.....who is David Huntington?? The photo of the Huntingtons at the top of your opening page-----the small boys in front are Monte, Boyd, Van and Lonn, I think...I see Clara and Will are in the photo also, Van died at age 6 of heart trouble, "Little Earl sent me a photo of him and remarded it was the only known photo of Van...maybe you can verify the photo through Earl. If it is Van I feel he would love to have a copy of it .......I will forward his address to you in the next e-mail and let me inow if he says it is Van, if it is I would like a copy as well....where did hou come up with the photo?...I do not have one in my collection....Corale

Monday, August 3, 2009

Corale Picture Updates as of 8-7-2009


George C. Goesch, June 2009, Troy, NY
at the college graduation of his oldest granddaughter Sophia Stehr

Abigail Grieser, 18 and Mandy Grieser, 16,
daughters of Rosemary Goesch Grieser,
granddaughters of George and Corale Steele Goesch.
Photo taken in 2009

George and Corale Steele Goesch, June 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009

Inland Empire Long Course Swim Championships, Wenatchee - TommyG Wins His Events!

TommyG won his boys age group 200 and 100 meter backstroke events at the Inland Empire Long Course Swim Championships at Wenatchee WA on July 23 - 26, 2009. It was very hot weather but the pool was fast and so was Tommy. He had cheerleaders and many team supporters. He also had some family supporters in attendance and they enjoyed a great Italian meal together on Saturday evening.


Cheerleaders - Friend, Girl Friend and Sherill

Warm Up

Tommy gives last minute instructions

Concentrating and ready to go!

Pulling ahead . . .

Body length ahead at the turn

Pulling ahead even more . . .

Pouring it on!

More long arm pulls!

The Winner! by several body lengths and near personal best time!

Sherill & Dick hug the Winner TommyG

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

JoelG Pictures of Family

?,? Amy, Rosemary, Corale, Tammy, Sophia, ?, ?, Victoria, Margaret
@ Shower Event July 11, 2009

"Take your mark" "Bang" Tommy in green cap.

Joel's Tommy and Swim Coach . . .Tommy won
2009 Swimmer Award and
broke 5 team records!

Tammy's Carsten and Sophia @ 50th Anniv.

?, Tammy's Sophia, Margaret, Tammy @ 50th Anniv.

Tammy's Chris, Joel's Tommy and Margaret @ 50th Anniv.

Victoria, Margaret, Corale, ?, Tammy

George, Tammy, Corale, Chris @ 50th Wedding Anniv.

Abby,George, Mandy, Corale, Rosemary, Sam @ 50th Anniv.

Sam, Alan, Bret, George, Corale, Eric, Victoria, Kurt @ 50th Anniv.

Joel, George, Corale, Margaret, Nathan, Tommy @ 50th Anniv.

George, Corale, Amy, Grant, George Kurt @50th Anniv.

Joel's Nathan "Nate" on right with long time friend

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Recent Received Images

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Aunt Florence's "Opal D's Dolls" by David Huntington

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Boyd David Huntington Videos

Not sure of location or date. I am sure that creek water attracts kids. Also that the Indians are right we are Tender Foots. See Video 1 and Video 2 <==Click on Videos